Best Camera Bag For Wedding Photographers in 2022


Wedding photographers require bags for all the equipment related to the camera they take with them to a wedding. In the case of a camera bag for wedding photography, we must need a lightweight bag that holds all the accessories for the camera at the wedding.

They possibly have a lot of various gear that they need to take with them to a shoot; like cameras, lenses, lighting, and many extra accessories. In this way, they need a bag or may need more than one bag to handle all these accessories.

To solve these problems for your shoot at the wedding with the camera, we compiled the best 8 camera bags for wedding photographers. These range for different prices but these have a more solid capacity to hold all accessories easily.

At a Glance:

Here are my top 8 favorite camera bags for wedding photographers in the market today. We have shown every little comparison between these unique camera bags.

Our Recommendation For Camera Bag For Wedding Photographers

Staff PickTenba Messenger DNA Bag
Check Price
Pelican 1510 Case With Foam
Check Price
Best PickLowepro Flipside AW Pro
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AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras
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Think Tank Photo Bag
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Billingham Hadley Small Pro
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Budget PickTenba Shootout Bag
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ONA Bowery - Camera Messenger Bag
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Tenba Messenger DNA Bag

Staff Pick
MaterialNylon, Polyester
Weight3 lb / 1.4 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH)11.4 x 8.6 x 16.1 inches

The best pick for a camera bag for wedding photographers. The graphite DNA 15 from Tenba is a versatile messenger bag that can take a professional DSLR with 2-3 lenses, with up to a 70-200 f/2.8 attached to the camera. 

Not particularly is the Tenba Messenger DNA 15 ridiculous looking, it’s likewise strong and profoundly practical which is adequately smooth to use for business or joy. All things considered, most of these items can likewise work effectively as customary conveying alternatives for non-picture takers.

This bag from Tenba is weather-proof, protecting the material inside it from rain and sun. For further wet weather protection, the Tenba Messenger DNA 15 bag incorporates a detachable and reversible cover that’s silver on one side to reflect the heat and black on the other side for stealth and subtlety.

The DNA 15 is built using a 600-denier helix with a water-repellent outside covering. The inside is produced using ripstop nylon and brushed tricot. The pack can be worn as a courier sack with the shoulder tie or can be conveyed like a portfolio by the top handle.


It’s rare to find such a great looking camera messenger bag that’s also well considered out and very comfortable to use, and for that reason, the Tenba Messenger DNA 15 deserves its spot in this guide.


  • Water-resistant
  • Flexible organization throughout
  • Hold a 15-inch laptop, a 9.7-inch iPad
  • TSA friendly


  • Zipper is not very good

Pelican 1510 Case With Foam

Dimensions (LxWxH)22 x 9 x 13.81 inches
Weight6170 Grams

The Pelican 1510 is a heavy duty rolling camera case that can bring all your gear in perfect protection, and seems cool while at it! I’m moderately sure that many photographers purchase this camera hard case due to its looks and have rarely utilized it to its full potential and we find this quite well.

It is made of a super high effect primary copolymer that makes it amazingly solid and strong. It suffers a heart attack” neoprene O-ring and incorporates a programmed cleanse valve for a speedy evening out after changes in air pressure.

The Pelican 1510 Case is one of our most popular cases in the market because of its versatility and ability to be a carry-on case. It is more features are the water and dustproof neoprene o-ring seal, Automatic Purge Valve with Gore-Tex membrane, and easy open Double Throw latches.

Maneuvering it is very easy with the front and side handles as well as an easy to release addition handle when you need to make use of the wheels.


This is a big bag of good weight, mostly use for big ceremonies and weddings. It can handle almost everything with the features of weatherproofing and many more. It is quite a good bag at a reasonable price.


  • Extremely durable
  • Perfect size for travel and wedding
  • Easily handle 2 bodies, 3 lenses, several flashes
  • Waterproof, crushproof, and dustproof


  • Slightly dated latching system

Lowepro Flipside AW Pro

Best Pick
Weight2.9 Pounds
Dimensions (LxWxH)10 x 11.9 x 18.1 inches

This bag is made for outdoor enthusiasts who want to bring a couple of camera bodies plus lenses and more accessories, so it also great for wedding photographers who may bring 2 bodies and many lenses, the Flipside is a working solution that is secure and comfortable to wear.

The Lowepro Flipside AW is an all-around developed and thoroughly examined camera bag. The sewing everywhere on the sack is right on the money, and the nylon utilized for the outside of the pack feels extreme. The sack has two fundamental zippered compartments.

A very good feature is the silent zipper pulls, very useful for wedding photography and wildlife photography, where being discrete is essential. With that, this is also a good waterproof bag!

Besides this, it is available in two sizes (300 & 400), this is a popular backpack with a unique access characteristic which surely sets it apart from all the others in the market.

At the point when you need your stuff, you essentially unclip the chest lash, slide off the shoulder strap and swing the bag around to the front of the body.

It will hang there because of the midsection strap, furnishing you with a ‘table’ on the converse of the sack, and direct access by means of that back speed to your stuff.


This bag is great for traveling along with cameras but we recommended for street photography and wedding photography a messenger bag. No, doubt it really helps a lot at the wedding. Overall this is a great bag at a good price.


  • Nylon fabric on the outside
  • Little in size but hold many things
  • Rain cover for that unexpected drizzle
  • Padding on the straps is comfortable


  • Will be handle difficult a normal size laptop

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR Cameras

Weight1.96 Pounds
Dimensions (LxWxH)11.75 x 8.75 x 14.5 inches

Here’s an Amazon personal-brand camera leading option that created my jaw drop when I saw the price and thousands of 5-star reviews of this bag, with multiple reviewers naming this as the best DSLR camera bag they’d ever owned!

The essential compartment is sufficiently large to hold one SLR and three focal points or extras. It is all around cushioned to guarantee your hardware stays free from any and all harm during any type of movement.

It even incorporates a space for a tablet, permitting you to do some light altering in a hurry! In normal Amazon-style, you additionally get a lot of value for your money—this staggeringly utilitarian pack is likewise amazingly moderate.

No matter what material you use, the removable inside of the AmazonBasics SLR gadget Bag can be adjusted to fit a DSLR camera body, up to three lenses, and additional accessories.

As with the other alternatives in the AmazonBasics range, the adaptable, densely padded shoulder strap makes the AmazonBasics SLR gadget bag comfortable to wear even when loaded with all your gear.


This is an affordable bag from Amazon with especially great SLR and DSLR cameras, lenses, and other gadgets. It has more good stuff, people give a great review on thousands of purchases.


  • Large gadget bag
  • Durable polyester construction
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • Will be handle difficult a normal size laptop

Think Tank Photo Bag

Weight0.5 Kilograms
Dimensions (LxWxH)17.72 x 21.65 x 29.53 inches
Closure TypeZip

An awesome bag from an awesome brand. This is a bag that has a well thought out storage system to provide larger gear as well as all your camera accessories and several bits and pieces easily.

Fortunately, the Think Tank Turnstyle combination is incredible, with the bigger adaptation of the two being my go to sack for little shoots a year ago.

I know many wedding picture takers who utilize only one body/focal point and utilize the Turnstyle to two or three different focal points and an extra body.

A specific reward is that you can turn it around on its lash to get to your camera and accessories without expecting to take the bag off and lay it down – albeit the drawback is that it doesn’t spread the heap as a common backpack would.

In addition, this camera is great for containing amazing features and characteristics. It is ideal for wedding photography and can carry easily on your travel too. Their weight is also very low, which can be carried easily.

With an upscale plan that falls someplace in the middle of military and metropolitan style, this bag includes a committed pocket that fits up to a 15-inch PC in addition to folding side pockets for water jugs or mount stowage. Profoundly helpful, top and back boards permit admittance to camera gear.


It is an affordable bag as a camera for traveling and wedding photographers. Many of its features have the capacity to hold many things. Though maybe not good if you try to go for many bodies and lenses along with their accessories.


  • Capacious yet lightweight
  • Easy access to photo gear
  • Stabilizer strap


  • Doesn’t spread the weight load

Billingham Hadley Small Pro

Weight2.25 Pounds
Dimensions (LxWxH)3.15 x 12.6 x 9.06 inches

Often imitated but never equaled, classic British brand Billingham makes some of the most iconic and outstanding carrying products available today. This product is one of them that contains amazing features.

Alongside full-grain calfskin and metal trimmings, the material style development looks keen easygoing, however is by the by completely waterproof. Dissimilar to numerous photographic shoulder bags, the form is thin and effectively sensible.

Two extra front pockets empower additional stuff to be buried, and the back zippered pocket is large enough for a tablet. For heavier assortments of kits, the discretionary shoulder brace merits purchasing, and extra ‘AVEA’ side pockets are likewise accessible.

For accessories, the bag emphasizes dual expandable slip pockets at the front and a zippered pocket at the back. The top front of the bag emphasizes Billingham’s classic rain flap, which is secured by hand-finished leather straps with brass details.

These incorporate a waterproof zippered document pocket and a pass-through luggage strap. The zippered pocket can include a small tablet and a small notebook or passport.


Constructed to last a lifetime in one of the most classic, timeless designs, imitated the world over. It is ideal for photographers who hold many bodies and lenses. It is a very affordable bag from Billingham if you view its good features.


  • Affordable and Lightweight
  • Slimline design
  • Beautifully made of leather
  • 3-layer waterproof canvas


  • Shoulder pad costs extra

Tenba Shootout Bag

Budget Pick
Weight3.2 Pounds
Dimensions (LxWxH)12 x 8.5 x 15.75 inches

In designing each product in the Tenba Shootout range, Tenba’s goal was to design the most convenient backpack on the planet – something that can be used for hardcore hiking but still seem expert enough for client work.

Tenba Shootout Backpack holds a couple of DSLR cameras and 3-5 focal points, in addition to a glimmer and different accessories. It has a huge fundamental compartment with cushioned dividers that are adaptable to accommodate your stuff.

It can likewise carry a 13″ PC in its cushioned sleeve. For more adornments, there are various outside and inside pockets, which can hold a lot of accessories related to the camera and lenses.

Tenba Shootouts are built of water-repellant, strong, and tear-safe nylon and highlight various velcro embeds permitting you to redo within as you wish. They’re accessible in an assortment of sizes from 18L up to 21L, with the 18L rendition being the most famous.

A quick-access side door provides a camera or lenses to be swapped out without separating the bag from your body. A side-access channel fits a DSLR camera with attached many lenses.

The backpack gives high performance in a precise size for travel since it will meet the strictest carry-on compatible conditions for any kind of flight. The backpack will fit 2 DSLRs with 3-5 lenses and include a laptop up to 13 inches.


It is a good bag which not only holds many camera bodies and lenses and also carries a 13 inches laptop easily. Good value money for those who capture images in the wedding.


  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable trolley strap
  • Great YKK Zippers


  • Sweaty in warmer weather

ONA Bowery – Camera Messenger Bag

Weight1.69 pounds
Dimensions (LxWxH)10.24 x 4.72 x 7.09 inches

Maker of cool carry products for the image conscious photographer, ONA is becoming more and more famous thanks to stylish and versatile mirrorless camera bags such as the Bowery.

The Bowery Camera Bag in antique cognac by ONA accommodates a DSLR and a focal point, or a mirrorless camera with two focal points and a frill to hold their durability.

The Bowery can be utilized as a smaller independent bag, or as an addition to ensure your camera in a bigger pack. This carefully assembled bag is built of Italian-tanned cowhide and is definite with strong metal equipment.

The Bowery highlights a cushioned inside with a removable divider which gives a devoted space to hold an additional focal point.

There are five open pockets on the outside of the backpack, two on the front, two on the sides, and one on the back. They permit you to hold simple to-get frills like a telephone, keys, and memory cards.

Once you open the principal flap, you can view the side flaps that help protect the contents of your bag from the elements. You also gain full access to the main compartment, which is really well-padded. 


This bag from Bowery is very popular in recent days and months. They hold many accessories and it is ideal for wedding photographers and street photographers.


  • Removable, adjustable strap
  • Secure tuck-clasp closure
  • Full-grain leather
  • Water-Resistant Waxed Canvas


  • Little Expensive

Closing Thoughts

Among them, we reviewed the best camera bags for wedding photographers. Although many are available in the market, these eight are our top priority to go for this. Among them, many are used also to travel and more street photography.

Moreover, if you have not decided to pick a bag for you then you should check out our top pick. However, these eight products are used for different conditions. It is up to you to pick a bag according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I keep in my camera bag?

Many things you can keep in your bag according to many situations. Additional Batteries, Memory Cards, Multitool. Lens Cleaning Wipes. LED Head Torch. Map & Compass. Tripod. Waterproof Notebook. Binoculars will keep in your bag.

What does every wedding photographer need?

Wedding photographers need a good camera, a good lens, a flash, a tripod, extra batteries, and a good bag are the essentials. Along with these accessories, a good photographer can capture them at the wedding.

Can a camera bag be a carry on?

Yes, most of the time photographers use big bags and carry-on for holding cameras bodies, lenses, and other accessories. This carry-on can easily use for traveling to hold many camera accessories.

What are camera bags made of?

Camera bags typically vary in materials but are usually built with nylon, canvas, cotton, or leather. These should have sufficient padding both inside and out.

Can a camera bag be a carry on?

Yes, most of the time photographers use big bags and carry-on for holding cameras bodies, lenses, and other accessories. This carry-on can easily use for traveling to hold many camera accessories.

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