6 Best Nikon Camera For Weddings

As the photographer, there is a lot of stress on you to take the grace and magic of the great wedding day. This means that you require a camera that’s reliable, great quality. We’ve chosen the 6 best Nikon cameras for wedding photography and their important features!

Nikon D750

Sensor 24.3MP CMOS
Autofocus System 51-points with 15 cross-type
ISO 100-12,800
Memory card slots 2 Memory Card Slots
LCD 3.2 inches
Maximum frame rate 6.5 fps
Movie Mode 1080/60p
Battery life (CIPA) 1230 shots
Weight 755 g

A best ever Nikon camera for wedding photography!  Its very lightweight design captures stunning image quality, cinematic video capture, and pro-inspired handling. Moreover from D750, you get speedy frame rates, very low noise, and a broad ISO sensitivity with the D750’s 24.3-megapixel CMOS sensor and EXPEED 4 processor combination.

In older and newer versions like D700 and D810, no doubt these are great cameras, but despite being released a long time ago, D750 from Nikon is many great features especially well for weddings to capture any video and image in very high quality.

Emphasizing a 24.3MP CMOS sensor, along with the EXPEED 4 image processor, this camera is proficient in producing high-resolution imagery with smooth color gradations, less noise, and sensitivity to an expandable ISO 51200, at a continuous shooting rate of up to 6.5 fps. 

As for AF performance, this Nikon wedding camera emphasizes a powerful 51-point AF system with 15 cross-type sensors. The technology can detect subjects better when they use five AF points as a particular focusing point in Group Area AF mode.

This camera D750 is more popular than Canon 5D Mark III. It works well in all eventualities, from the ceremony to the reception. The LCD monitor determines you can truly work the angle when shooting, whilst still keeping your eyes on the action.

With expert video abilities inspired by the D810 and an array of inputs and outputs, the D750 is also well-suited for recording daily life and events as it is for filmmaking and videography.


The Nikon D750 is the best Nikon camera for weddings. Their great images and video qualities with easy transfer images and videos within a reasonable price make it premium from all other cameras for weddings from Nikon.

  • Dual card slots
  • Refined handling
  • High image quality with low noise
  • Battery Life of 1200 Shots
  • Full HD Video
  • Slow live view AF

Nikon D7200

Sensor 24.2MP
ISO 100-102,400
AF system Multi-CAM 3500DX II
LCD 3.2-inches
Maximum frame rate 6 fps
Movie Mode 1080/60p
Memory card slots 2 Memory Card Slots
Battery life (CIPA) 1110 shots
Weight 765 g

Nikon’s D7200 makes on the success of its famous predecessor, the D7000, which are effective foundations indeed. It features a 24.2-megapixel APS-C sensor that provides really high-quality images in whatever circumstances you use it in, making it the ideal partner at a wedding shoot.

The images D7200 gives are sharp, with magnificent dynamic range, and superior color rendition. Overall, the quality of images in Nikon D7200 is amazing which captures high-quality images.

D7200 shoots 1080p Full HD video up to 60 fps, though at the drawback of an extra crop, more on this later. But, when shooting at 30 fps, it does so at full sensor readout with no crop.

And much like image quality, the video quality its sensor gives is very excellent. The footage is sharp, well-exposed, and the colors are really accurate.

The D7200 includes both Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity within the body itself, both of which are becoming more prevalent on D-SLRs. As this is also available in the previous model, but the signal strength is good for this model.

One more thing that stays the same is the 3.2-inch, 1229k-dotted LCD screen, which is fixed and not touch-sensitive, and the eye-level pentaprism optical viewfinder, which allows 100% coverage.

Moreover, it contributes a native ISO from ISO 100-25,600, now expandable up to Hi-2BW, the equivalent of 102,400. Anyway, its low light performance is excellent, examining its smaller DX-sized sensor.

D7200 powers on focuses, and shoots in about 0.3 seconds, which is very good. However, in Live View which uses contrast autofocus, it's still a really slow 1.4 seconds in good light, which is not nearly as good as the Canon 70D's 0.7 seconds.


Nikon D7200 is a really affordable DSLR camera, It captures images in very high quality and video limited to 1080p. Overall, a great camera for wedding photography. This is available at a reasonable price in the market!

  • Excellent AF System
  • Sturdy body
  • Decent burst mode speed
  • Very fast single-shot cycle times
  • Low-light performance is good
  • Supports Auto ISO control
  • Limited to 1080p video
  • Fixed LCD display

Nikon D810

Sensor 36.3MP CMOS
Autofocus System 51-points with 15 cross-type
ISO 64-12,800
Memory card slots 1 SD, 1 CompactFlash
LCD 3.2 inches
Maximum frame rate 5 fps
Movie Mode 1080/60p
Battery life (CIPA) 1200 shots
Weight 880 g

In terms of all-rounder performance, the Nikon D810 is up there with the best. You’ll be capable of confidently capturing every type of shot during the wedding shoot with much confidence.

Given the powerful 36.3MP count of the D800, it’s no surprise the D810 has the same number of photosites on its sensor; but it also uses a lately designed chip and Nikon’s Expeed 4 processing engine.

Unlike the previous model D800E, the D810 has a filter with no AA properties at all. This should help it record more sharp detail. The D810 can shoot at 7fps in DX format and record 15.3MP images.

Advantageously, the buffer capacity has also improved: the D810 can record 47 lossless compressed 12-bit Raw files in a single burst rather than 21, or 23 uncompressed 14-bit Raw files instead of 16.

The D810 gives a total range of ISO 64 to 12,800, appearing in 3 whole stops of the overall dynamic range. Having a native ISO of 64 gives even better image quality and images have markedly less noise in shadows when compared to ISO 100, this occurs because ISO 64 lets in one-third.

On the back, the 3.2 inch LCD went from 921k dots to 1.3m. I doubt that this is the change that’s made Live View magnification better, but every little bit helps. And, yes, Live View magnification is cleaner with the D810 than with the D800/D800E. 

On the video side, 1080P is now supported at 50 and 60 fps. It also permits you to configure the camera to switch between still and video shooting without having to menu dip.


The D810 is a new model which is the most well-rounded DSLR you can buy right now. Now it is ideal for wedding photographers and wildlife photographers. Their image quality is amazing but the video is limited to 1080p.

  • High pixel count
  • Weather protected
  • Versatile performer
  • Impressive low-light autofocus
  • Great build quality
  • Live view is quite slow.
  • No Wi-Fi built-in
  • Limited to 1080p

Nikon D610

Sensor 12 Megapixels
Autofocus System 39 points with 9 cross-type
ISO 100-6400
Memory card slots 2 Memory Card Slots
LCD 3.2 inches
Maximum frame rate 6 fps
Movie Mode 1080/30p
Battery life (CIPA) 900 shots
Weight 760 g

This is Nikon’s most affordable full-frame DSLR and is a great way of taking your first steps into full-frame shooting. The performance of the Nikon D610 is still very powerful in all areas, from image sharpness to noise control through its ISO range.

It has all the characteristics that a newcomer to wedding photography could need, and it won’t break the bank. It is an old model but it would give a great result for wedding photography with excellent image quality.

Like the D810, it has the same LCD screen of 3.2 inches, a weather-sealed body, and makes a video in full HD format. Moreover, it has less weight than the D810. D810 contains 980g and D610 contains 850g total.

In enhancement to tough construction, the Nikon D610 is weather-sealed. This indicates that the camera should be able to survive in light rain, dust, and humid climates without getting infected. 

The image quality on the D610 camera is excellent, and it contributes ample sharpness with natural tones. The dynamic range has also been improved two stops now over the predecessor.

It shoots 1080p at 30, 24 and 25 FPS; 720p at 25,30,50 and 60 FPS. The video quality of D610 and overall performance are found to be good in both adequate and low light conditions.

The focusing performance given is excellent, but its subject tracking capabilities are lacking in relation to today’s standards. It has 39 AF points. Autofocusing works well when tracking light motion, but will struggle during intense sports or action.  

It’s about 50% faster than the D800 due to its 6 fps, and still, the camera handles it without any buffering problem. There’s then the dual SD card slots. 


Nikon D610 is now a camera that earns whole-hearted support for photographers seeking to make the jump to a relatively inexpensive, full-frame camera. A solid affordable camera for weddings in high-quality image quality.

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  • Weather Sealed
  • High build quality
  • Reliable AF system
  • Excellent quality images
  • 900-1,000 shots
  • Fixed screen
  • Slow AF in live view mode

Nikon Df

Sensor 16 Megapixels
Autofocus System 39 points with 9 cross-type
ISO 100-25,600
Memory card slots 1 Memory Card Slots
LCD 3.2 inches
Maximum frame rate 5.5 fps
Movie Mode 1080/30p
Battery life (CIPA) 1000 shots
Weight 765 g

The styling of Nikon’s Df is as ridiculous as its performance. It actually goes back to its roots with the design, and there are lots to please the traditionalist.

It has the same image sensor as the Nikon D4, yet it’s far more compact and affordable. In terms of compact shooters, this is possibly the best available in Nikon’s range.

Many of the improvements in digital photography have allowed new levels of versatility—amazing ISO sensitivity, breathtaking resolution, ultra-fast performance, and more. The Nikon Df is no exception.

Nikon combined a very small top LCD that displays only minimal information (essentially shutter speed, aperture, battery condition, shots remaining), I think this is the most important thing which must show on screen, that display Df.

Also, the Df practices the same basic sensor as the D4, Nikon's own 16megapixel FX sensor that does quite well in low light conditions. The sensor actually performs a bit better on the Df than the D4.

The Df's optical viewfinder is quite large - the same size as the D800. The magnification is 0.70x and, naturally, coverage is 100%. Thus capture great quality images.


If you’re planning on traveling light to a wedding shoot, this could very well be the camera for you. Just because of their amazing image quality and autofocusing and can get an affordable price.

  • Lightweight body
  • Great image quality
  • Weather-sealed design
  • Excellent battery life
  • Excellent noise performance
  • Live view of the Df works great
  • Time consuming dials
  • Same AF as D610(39 AF)
  • Single SD card slot

Nikon D5

Sensor 21 Megapixels CMOS
Autofocus System 153 points
ISO 100-102400
Memory card slots 2 CF card and 2 XQD card slots
LCD 3.2 inches
Maximum frame rate 14.0 fps
Movie Mode 4k
Battery life (CIPA) 3780 shots
Weight 1415 g

With a sturdy build, high-quality imaging abilities, and a portable form; the Nikon D500’s got this plus points down pat. While it’s compact enough to fit in your wedding photography gear bag, this DSLR doesn’t take image quality for granted.

The Nikon D5 is an amazingly fast and sophisticated wide-area 153-point AF system, very high-speed burst shooting speeds, and tremendous 200-shot raw buffer capacity.

Photography is all about light and the Nikon D5 distributes it in an astonishing way. The image quality it gives is magnificent whether you shoot on a bright day or in a low-light situation.

The camera has an effective ISO range of 100 to 102400 that is expandable to ISO 50 to 3280000. This means that it can see through the dark better than human eyes.

This Nikon wedding camera also gives excellent AF abilities: it has a whopping 153 AF points in the new Multi-CAM 20K system. 99 cross-type points are available, too. Both technologies will let you take photos that meet your vision.

The Nikon D5 is implemented with an Expeed 5 Processor and it is really fast when it proceeds to operations. The camera has a continuous shooting speed of 14 frames per second. This will enhance the speed amazingly.

Eventually, the battery life of the D5 is nearly 3780 shots, allowing you to shoot all day long without worry of a dead battery. This is surely something that many people find very useful. 

The Nikon D5 is one of the few DSLR cameras with 4K video recording abilities. D5 camera shoots Full HD videos at 60 fps without any crop. Thus record video in HD quality without any disturbance.


It is a great Nikon camera for weddings. Thus it is heavy but it captures high-quality images and records video in 4k. It is a little pricey but it gives the value at this fair price.

  • 12fps continuous shooting
  • Huge 200-shot raw buffer
  • Advanced 153-point AF
  • Record 4K video
  • Excellent image quality
  • Outstanding battery life
  • Heavy Body
  • Live view AF is contrast only
  • Extended high ISOs not very useful