How to Use DSLR Camera Nikon D3200

Let's started that how you can use the D3200 Nikon DSLR Camera in a better way; Following are some techniques and guides to follow them and become a pro.

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Talk about Controls

Here’s a quick guide to the buttons, dials, and other external controls on D3200. Remark that the lens shown is the Nikkor 18–55mm AF-S VR (Vibration Reduction) model sold with the D3200 kit; some other lenses may not have identical controls.

Zoom-in/out Button

Camera zoom introduces to make a subject appear closer or further away in an image. Zooming in provides you a closer look at objects at an extreme level while zooming out will let you capture a wider space. This can be done by using optics to magnify an image or simply cropping into an image area

Playback Button

Pressing the Playback button permits you to do the following:

  • Display different amounts of data.
  • You can change what information you see during photo playback by pressing your camera's Display or Info button.
  • If you want a reminder of the settings you used, increase the amount of information

Remote Control Sensor

A remote control sensor can trigger the camera automatically when events like lightning, loud sounds are detected. Each sensor is connected to the camera remote control using a stereo cable.

AF/AE Lock

AF/AE lock can lock both camera exposure (it includes: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and white balance) and lens focus. The feature will only be active while you hold down the button. Once you release it, the lock will be released as well.

Live View Switch

Live View is actuated by either a switch or an 'Lv' button on the camera body. It enables you to view and compose the shot on the LCD screen, allowing you to shoot with the camera at an unusual angle or away from your body.

Command Dial

Command dial lets you adjust shutter speed and, when the exposure compensation-aperture button is held, and aperture.

Delete button

The delete button is denoted by a universal trash can icon, pressing the delete button will let you delete a photo from your memory card during playback.

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Release Mode Button

Release mode manages what happens when the shutter is released. The camera takes one photo each time the shutter-release button is pressed all the way down. 

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Exposure compensation Button

Exposure compensation is used to alter the exposure from the value selected by the camera, making photographs brighter or darker. 

Shutter Button

When the shutter button is pressed, the shutter of the camera is "released", so that it opens to capture a picture, and then closes, enabling an exposure time as determined by the shutter speed setting.

Movie Record Button

The movie record button helps you to record the video or movie whenever this movie record button is pressed.

Focal Plane Indicator

The focal plane mark seems on most DSLR camera bodies. It is used for calculating focal distances.

A Hot Shoe Button

A hot shoe is a mounting point on the top of a camera to attach a flash unit.

A mode dial or camera dial is a dial used on digital and DSLR cameras to change the camera's mode. On DSLR cameras and SLR-like cameras, mode dials usually give access to manual settings.

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Function Button

Customize your shooting experience with the touch of a button when you set custom settings to work via the Fn (Function) button on your Nikon 3200 DSLR camera. Set up your camera so that some of your most used or favorite settings are selectable by pressing the Fn button on the front of the DSLR.


The microphone is a specific kind of mic that's been designed to work well with a camcorder or a video-enabled DSLR camera.

Auto/Manual Focus Switch

When using the auto mode, your camera can seldom choose to focus on the wrong part of the subject, ruining your shot. With manual focus, use the palm of your left hand to cup the lens. Then use your left fingers to slightly twist the focus ring until the image is in sharp focus.

Lens Release Button

Press the lens release button to unlock the lens mount and detach the lens by rotating it. You don't need to press it when mounting a lens.

Vibration Reduction Switch

Vibration Reduction (VR) is an image stabilization technology that minimizes blur caused by camera shake. Using a VR NIKKOR lens can result in sharp images in low light, under windy conditions, or using a physically large NIKKOR lens, at up to four stops slower with a VR lens than a non-VR lens.

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Infrared Receiver

The little black oval right to the multi selector is a second sensor to receive signals from a wireless remote control.

AF Assist Lamp

An AF assist lamp is a small light, usually built into a camera body above the lens mount. It is used to assist the camera in focusing on a subject in low light situations by lighting up the subject area while the camera focuses.

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Autofocus Performance

The Nikon D3200 works quite well for everyday photography, but it is not truly targeted for fast action photography such as sports and wildlife like some of the higher-end Nikon DSLRs.

Autofocus is extremely accurate for stationary and slow moving subjects, but it tends to miss on fast subjects with erratic movements, particularly when you use anything other than the center AF point.